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The entire content of this site is our property*. We've worked hard to collect, organize, and add context to information about our ancestral community.

You may not re-publish anything you find on this site without our permission. If your use is reasonable, we will almost certainly give you permission.

This applies to re-publication, for example, on another web-site. There is no restriction on your private use of material from this site.

Here are some reasons for you to not take material from this site without our permission:

• A copyright notice appears on each page. That's legal protection in most of the world.

• Copied information is removed from the context of this site, and so may be less informative or less accurate.

• The information you copy today may be wrong. If we correct the material tomorrow, your re-published material will be wrong until you notice the difference.

• It is a matter of common decency to respect the work of others.

• Imagine how you would feel about your hard work being copied --and sometimes misused-- against your wishes.

Why not simply link to pages on this site, instead? You may do that without our permission. However, we recommend that you contact us so we can discuss the material and arrange to inform you if our site is revised in a way that invalidates your link(s). Who knows, working together, we might accomplish much more than working separately?

*This site is composed of material we have collected, information published by others of which reproduction is allowed for educational or scholarly purposes; or for which we have received permission to re-use; and information in the public domain.

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