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A Challenge
Almost all of the historical information we have about Wysokie geography is from the Polish Era, ~1920 - 1939. Is it possible from the information we have to label all the streets with their Polish names?

In cases where we have complete street addresses and house numbers for individuals --perhaps one of our ancestors-- we would like to be able to pinpoint the location. Is this possible? It is very difficult: street maps of small towns like Wysokie are extremely rare and, and of those we've seen, none include labeled streets, let alone house numbers. Can the modern house numbers provide any help? Probably not: it is common for streets to have been renamed at least once, possibly several times, since 1939, and house numbers were probably adjusted in the process. It may be possible at least to infer the general location of a particular house number based on a few cases in which we are able to place a particular address at a specific location.

Credits: Satellite Imagery: Google. Modern Street Map(1): Google. Modern Street Map(2): Mapquest-OSM. Interwar Polish map: mapywig.org, made available in tiled WMS format by Cartomatic; Web mapping library: Leaflet.js. Leaflet labeling add-in, J. Toye, maintainer.

Working Map of Wysokie Litewskie / Vysokoye

Using the map:
1. Use click and hold to pan the map in any direction.
2. Use the "+" to zoom in, "-" to zoom out.
3. Single-click at any spot to see the coordinates of that location (latitude-longitude).
4. Use the layers control at top-right to switch between a modern street map and a 1930's Polish Map. ( Best viewed when zoomed out. Unfortunately this map does not align perfectly with the modern map.)
5. Select "Historical" in the layers control to view the historical features established so far.
6. To return the map to the default view, refresh the web page.

For the moment, the map works correctly only using this URL; if you don't see what you expect, click on this link.

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