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The Old Shul
The building known as the Old Shul was at the center of the pre-WWII Wysokie-Litewskie Jewish community and is the only intact Jewish building in modern Vysokoye aside from some former Jewish homes

site area
The Old Shul site, Vysokoye
Aerial Photo: Courtesy of Google

site area
The Old Shul site, detail
Aerial Photo: Courtesy of Google

This building is said to be several hundred years old. It appears that the building was originally built as a synagogue and used for that purpose until at least 1930. But the only known documentary evidence labels it as Beit Midrash, here.

This photo:
school photo
Apparent school photo outside what is probably the Old Shul building.
Photo: Courtesy of A.R.

shows what is very likely a school group outside what appears to be the Old Shul building. Are these the students and staff of a school housed inside, or was alongside this building simply a convenient location for the photo?

The post-war history of the building is not well-documented. By 1995 it was being used as an auto repair shop.

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