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I, the undersigned, promise and swear by the Lord G-d per Jewish texts, the One G-d of Israel, with a pure heart and not without any ulterior motive, and by the thought and conduct of those who have adjured me, that I want and must have the proposed election for the establishment of a community and civil official for the exercise of justice and other matters, under my pure conscience and honor without bias or personal interest, removing animosity or ties, relations and friendships to select from my brethren such persons who by virtue of intellect and conscience those whom I find are qualified and worthy, and from whom I hope that, entrusted with the positions, will show themselves zealous in their service to His Imperial Majesty, and devoted to the benefit of the Society.

If, however, I act otherwise, then having displeased the good society, and concluded myself in some way, I shall expose myself as a criminal to the condemnation of my brethren, and as before G-d and his awesome Court, such that forever I can be held to account as is quite [illegible]. May G-d help me in body and soul. Amen.

David Voyskovsky
Notta Teltel [?] Gole [?]
Movsha Kamlan
B*** Sheynbaum
Nisan Bloom
Tsadik Mintz
Aizik Mendel Kamlan
Shaya Sbar
*** Tevye Vaynshtayn
Movshe Lev
Chaim Leib Kolner
Aron Movsha Sbar
Ovsey Pinchuk
Srul Feigenson
Shmuel Kamentsky
Moshe Leib Vegulker
Yaakov Mukh
Gersh Graysman
Shlomo Reyfe [Hebrew: Rufan – from word Roffe (doctor)]
Chaim Yehuda Kaplan
Shmuel Reyfe
Sh**** *ostavsky [?]
Zelig Raykhels
Abram *oshovsky [?]
Sender Trayne
Shmuel Daybog
Lozer Kramor
Movsha Pinchuk
Movsha Olinik

8 November 1894

Original Affidavit Text (Russian) and Original Signatures (Russian, Yiddish) from Grodno Archive, U. 2, inv. 33, d. 1732.

--Submitted by Joy Weaver, granddaughter of signer Shmuel Dajbog

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