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Yizkor Book
A 1948 event program titled Entertainment and Ball Given by the United Wisoko-Litowsker and Woltchiner Relief is subtitled Yizkor. As a result this publication has become known as the Yizkor Book for Wysokie -- and for Woltchin, also known as Volchin. The publication contains disappointingly little documentary information about the towns. Only a few copies are known to exist. An English translation may be viewed here.

Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities -- Poland -- Volume V -- Volhynia and Polesie
Pinkas hakehillot Polin: entsiklopedyah shel ha-yishuvim ha-Yehudiyim le-min hivasdam ve-`ad le-ahar Sho'at Milhemet ha-`olam ha-sheniyah.) 1990 Jerusalem, Yad Vashem.

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