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The cover page of a document found in the Brest Archive proclaims:

Spis wyborców do Sejmu Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej z miejscowości m. Wysokie-Lit.

translated, a treasure for us, List of voters for the Polish Sejm of the Republic for the Town Wysokie-Litewskie. More than 1421 official entries, plus some stragglers (corrections?) at the end. No date is given, but the Archive index gives 1928. By the rules of the Archive, no mechanical means of recording content is allowed, but no limit is placed on hand-copying of documents. The Archive will provide a photocopies of a small proportion of a given document for documentary purposes.

Until this information can be verified against the original, the data here should be considered as preliminary.

Archive Reference: Fond 493, Opus 2, Delo 164

Sorting Sequence
The original order has been modified to list the names in alphabetical order, by family name. The Polish spellings of the names have been used to order the listings, overall, but within each page, the sorting is American English. This may be augmented in the future.

Information shown in red may have been transcribed incorrectly, possibly due to problems with the original. Look in the Notes column for further information, e.g. speculation about the correct transcription.


The original page and line number for each entry. You can see the transcriptions --in poor handwriting-- through this page listing.

The data was organized by street. The Polish street names given here were valid only during approximately 1920 through 1939; Before that, "traditional" Russian names were used, and after, Soviet-style Russian names. These were the official names. To the Jewish populace street names were considered non-essential; Wysokie was a very small town. When necessary, the Jewish population used yet a different set of names, in Yiddish.

House #
These values are sequential through the length of a street but not directly related to physical spacing. Odd numbers are on one side of the street, evens on the other. It is not possible to predict which end of the street at which numbering was started. Current numbering may not --probably does not-- reflect prior numbering.

Family Name
As transcribed. Yiddish and/or English equivalents may be added later.

Given Name
As transcribed.

As transcribed.

Occupation (Polish)
Occupation (English)

The occupations labeled “Polish" are as transcribed. (Note that shorthand notations were used during transcription.) Where the “Polish” and “English” text is identical, the item has not yet been translated to English. Translation resources: Google Translator, JewishGen (1), JewishGen (2), Dan Hirschberg's Krakow Genealogy page, and R. K.

To the archivists of the State Archive of Belarus in Brest, and their dedication to providing information and making visitors welcome.

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