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spacer This content is available to approved contributors only. Individuals with demonstrable connections to the Vysokoye/Wysokie-Litewskie Jewish community and who have signficantly contributed to one or more site projects may obtain an access password at the sole discretion of the webmaster. You may contribute relevant material or your time. Technical skills are not required.

If you already have a password, use the access link at the bottom of the page to log in.

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Why is some material restricted?

Restricting the distribution of some material allows us to share items that are copyrighted by others without violating their rights. (That's non-public distribution.) Second, so contributors may preview and critique new pages during preparation.

Will material be withheld indefinitely?

Only material that is copywritten and may not be publicly re-distributed will be kept in this category for an indefinite period of time. Other material will be held only long enough for preparation.

Is this intended to encourage people to volunteer material and/or their time?


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