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A Keepsake from Alter Schewtz
A keepsake from Alter Schewtz for his friend, Zlate Vitshulker, 20 November (or October) 1923:

small boy with dog
A keepsake

reverse small boy with dog
(photo reverse)
Reverse inscription, in Yiddish:

צום אנדינקונג
פיר מיין פריינדינע
פון ויסוקע ליט
עט זלאטע
פון אלטער שוועץ

Translation to English:

To remember [me]:
for my friend from Visoke Lit, Zlate Vitshulker,
from Alter Schwetz

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Notes: The handwritten return address in Latin characters places Wysokie in the Bialystok district.

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