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Cast of a Stage Play
A presentation of Troubles of Fathers and Mothers by the local Tarbut school:

theatrical group
The Cast

Text on the photo, first and third line in Hebrew and the name of the show/play, second line, in Yiddish:

לזכרון הצגת
"טאטעס מאמעס צרות"
שנערכה ע"י "תרבות" בויסוקה.ליט 1931 25 IV

In English:

In memory of the show [play]
Troubles of Fathers and Mothers
Staged by Tarbut in Visoke.Lit. 25 IV 1931

theatrical group reverse
(photo reverse)

On the reverse, with ellipses (“...”) replacing a number of illegible portions:

צום אנדיינקונג
פאר(?) מיינע טייערע
זלאטקע און רייזל
... בעסטע בעקאנטע
[גיטל?] עפשטיין
וויסאקע ליט

In English:

To remember
… my dear
Zlatke and Reizl
best acquaintance
… [Gitl?] Epshtein

Visoke Lit 11 VI 1931

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Notes: An eyewitness (Roslyn Kolner Bresnick-Perry) recalls a permanent theatre venue in a barn-like structure existing circa 1928, but the location of this structure cannot be determined.

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