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Poalei Zion Group Photo
Members of the Jewish Socialist Workers Party, Poalei Zion:

large mixed group
Poalei Zion
Wysokie Litewskie, 13 May 1927

The text visible at top is Yiddish and partly composed of acronyms:

Full Text Acronym
יידישע סוציאליסטישע ארבעטער פארטיי י' ס' א' פּ
יידישע ציוניסטישע סאציאליסטישע פארטיי י'צ' ס' פ ּ

In sum, the translation into English is probably something like this:

Yiddishe Socialist Workers Pary Poalei Zion
united with [or: branch of? ] The Zionist Socialist Party
Visoki Lit 13 V 1927

There are additional undecipherable words which probably indicate the type of gathering. Probably there was yet another line of text above, which was trimmed away at some point.

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