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An Unidentified Couple
Against a photographer's backdrop, probably outside:

older couple
An Unidentified couple

older couple reverse
(photo reverse)

Reverse: the top line of text may read Vitshulker, followed by a given name. The second line is clearly Wysokie Litowsk, one of several variations in Polish. The photographer's stamp, in Russian, reads:

     г, Белостокъ

Approximate translation:

     g. Belostok

Apparently: a photographer in the city (gorod) of Bialystok, in the same region as Wysokie Litewskie, but a considerable distance away. The fact that the stamp is in Russian strongly suggests the photo was taken before WWI, and this dating is supported by the older-style clothing.

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Notes: Indoor lighting was problematic for photographers, more so, the earlier the date.

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