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Our presence is this website --synonymously accessible as wysokie-litewskie.org and vysokoye.org-- and an invitation-only Yahoo Group.

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Henry Neugass

Henry has been exploring his Eastern European family history since 2004. He started when he realized that his family had almost entirely failed to keep memories of their heritage.The vibrant cultural and religious history of his family was entirely lost in little more than one generation.

His family records and folklore said virtually nothing about the ancestral shtetlekh, Wysokie-Litewskie and Kletsk, now both in Belarus, so he decided to put his energy into documenting their communities. Henry visited Belarus in the summer of 2007 and spent almost two weeks in the Brest region.

He is also webmaster of a website about the Jewish communities of the Brest Region, and author of a website about Kletsk.

Henry lives in Palo Alto, California, USA. His wife and children think he is quite obsessed with his family history work (i.e., totally crazy) but support him fully anyway. A former Silicon Valley computer consultant, his second career is as a writer -- or will be, when he gets around to writing something.

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