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Grandfather Moshe
My grandfather, who was born in Wysokie Litewskie in 1906 to Frieda and Israel Friedman:

Grandfather Moshe Friedman

My grandfather was one of 5 siblings. It was a very wealthy family. They owned the wheat trade in town and also the electric company – then in its beginning stage.

He knew my grandmother Ahuva Zajac, known as Leiba, in Wysokie Litewskie. In 1933, he came to Eretz Israel. She arrived in 1934 on a fictiitious marriage certificate, and they were officially married in Israel.

My mother remembers that her parents told her about a story passed on by someone who lived in Wysokie and immigrated to Russia: During WW2, the whole family hid in a bunker next to the Polish school in the city. A bit before the end of the war, someone informed on their hiding place and they were shot to death in the mass grave in the center of town.

Moshe Friedman


Translated text of reverse:
As a souvenir
For my friend upon his departure for Eretz Israel,
I send you my photo
Moshe Friedman
Visoke Lit November 16th 1932

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Notes: Mass grave in the center of town: the Germans commonly held executions at the point of arrest and sometimes the victims were buried on the spot. This is the only known mention of a mass grave at the center of town, presumably in the market square. Stories tell of one or more mass graves in the meadow just south of the town center. A bit before the end of the war: this is the only known account of anyone surviving the liquidation of the Wysokie Ghetto, long before the end of the war.

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