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tenenbaum family
Tenenbaum family picture taken in 1905 in Visoko-Litovsk.
From Left to Right - Libby, Hy, Chaye (mother), Jules, Bessie (standing on the chair), Morris (in the suit).

In America, People were FREE

This memoir was published in Volume 3, Summer 2004 in the publication Upper Midwest Jewish History by the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest (Linda Schloff, Director) reproduced here by permission. Here are some key points:
  • In 1900 the village had a very serious fire during a dark summer night.

  • The population in 1906 was approximately 200. [This figure is clearly too low. Perhaps he intended 2000 or 200 families.]

  • Except for the cobblestone paved main streets, all other narrow side streets were muddy most of the time and were just wide enough for a horse and wagon to squeeze through.

  • The village of Visoko, Litovsk, did not have even a single water pump. Water had to be carried in pails from the river. The river was also conveniently used as a laundry and for many...unsanitary purposes.

  • In 1902, the Tanenbaum family's business of wool processing and dyeing was becoming profitable. We had plenty to eat, and although the choice was limited, it was nonetheless satisfactory.

  • The family processed wool on a machine in their living room that was more than half the height of the room and at least twice as long.
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