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Morris Tenenbaum's Map of Jewish Wysokie Litewskie

Morris Tenenbaum's map of Visoko
Village of Visoko, Litovsk, Russia
Population: approx 200 in year 1906
[original page 19]

This is Morris Tenenbaum's Map of the Jewish Community of Wysokie Litewskie as it was in 1906 drawn in about 1971, when he was 75 years old.

1. Graphic processed, in particular, rotated to show north at top, and annotated by the webmaster.
2. Population figure in caption clearly too low. Possibly: 200 families, or 2000 people.
3. The legend for the Russian public school adds: ...that I attended for 3 days. On the third day I was punished for something I had not done. I walked out and never returned. No one cared.
4. The legend for the candy stand adds: ...(where I learned to not take anything any time without paying for it.)
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