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The following are links to materials about historical Wysokie Litewskie on other web sites, in no particular order:

Photos of Wysokie collected by Yad Vashem

Ten photos of individuals, families, school groups, a theatre group, contributed by descendant Sheila Dukelsky.

Architectural Highlights of Vysokoye

Published in Russian, translation to English by Google. Santa Barbara Chapel and nearby house; Sapiega Castle, Holy Cross Church (Russian Orthodox), Potocki Estate, Bonifrates monastery building

Gravestone of Aharon son of Zvi Ari Kostomolocki from Wysokie Litewskie in Bialystok cemetery.

2008 Historical Tourism summary article, with old photos

Published in Belarusian in Soviet Belarus On-Line publication, translation to English by Google. Includes photos of damaged buildings around the town square, WWI, and a strange pile of wagons on the square.

Visit of Their Imperial Majesties to Brest and Wysokie Litewskie

Published in Russian, translation to English by Google. This page shows the original 38-page album of this visit. The New York Public Library Digital Gallery includes some of these photos, here. The most interesting views are perhaps photos of troops outside the town.

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