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1 europe
  Belarus is located in eastern Europe, between Poland and Russia.
2 belarus
  Wysokie Litewskie, now known as Vysokoye, is located near the western border of Belarus, near the city of Brest.
3 region
  A railway from Brest to Bialystok runs to the East of Wysokie Litewskie. The town straddles the Pulva River, a feeder of the Bug River. Nearby Jewish towns were Volchin and Kamenets.
4 local
  The Wysokie Litewskie railroad station was (and is) located to the north of the actual town.
5 town-suburb
  The actual town was divided by a loop of the Pulva River. To the east was the traditional Jewish town. To the west was a heavily Polish area that the Jewish residents called The Suburb.

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