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letter A - 1 Wysokie-Lit.
September 15 1932

Dear Morris!

In your letter to me you wrote that you will answer my letter as soon as you receive it. Therefore I am wondering why I have no letter from you all the time. Didn't you receive my letter at all? Or you have no time and patience to write to me. I do not blame you if it is so, but I am anxious to know about you, and about all my cousins, how they are getting along. Is the situation in America on the way of getting better? How is your business?

From Ida I hear no
letter A - 2 letters, although I have written to her, and from Rose I haven't got any letters for a very long time, I had written to her once but she did not answer me.

Please, dear Morris, take time and write me a couple of words about everyone, what is interesting for me. What's about me, nothing particular, by such a depression as here in Poland, it is quite difficult by my business to make a living. And we have nothing to do, only to await the end of the depression. Maybe the time will soon change for better, and then our situation will get better. Hoping that by receiving this you will
letter A - 3 find the time to write to me in return. I remain your true and respectful cousin.

Harry Grynfeld

On the coming New Year I wish you and your family a happy New Year with all the bests you are wishing yourselves.

My wife and my children are sending to you their best regards and wishes and also to your family.

My address:

Hersch Grynfeld
ul Pocstowva n 78

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Webmaster's Note:

Ida and Rose were sisters of Morris.

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