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letter b - 1 Wysokie-Lit.
November 29, 1932

Dear Cousin Morris!

Your letter received, many thanks to you for your answer and for all informations about our relatives I am happy to hear they are all well and earns for a livelihood. In the time of such depression everybody does be happy he earns for bread and is not depended on the charity. Quite bad is here in Polen. We didn't joy any prosperity and now in the time of such hard depression, the businessman who has not enough of capitals from before is entirely ruined. Nothing of credit now for nobody.

Dear Morris, after your act of a
letter b - 2 gentleman and of a true friend, what you did for me a year ago, I am ashamed and dare not ask you secondly for help, but the desperate position in which I am finding myself now forces me to this. A sum of a fifty dollars at least will give me the possibility to continue by business and I hope to earn bread for my family in the future. Of the sum you sent me before, half is eaten up during the year because in this bad times people haven't got money enough to build or repair and not to lay with the goods until the coming season I sold without profits. The other half of goods remained and I hope to sell it not before the coming season or summer.
letter b - 3 Meanwhile I have no money and I must buy fresh goods for the coming season not later as now in winter. It is quite painful for me to ask you for help again, knowing well that you will think of me as of a shnorer, but, dear Morris, if you remember me yet I am quite far of being this. Help me this time once more and I assure you I wouldn't bother you more.

I hope, dear Morris that you will try your best for your cousin as a man of a family. I remain your true cousin.

Harry Grynfeld

My hearty greetings to your wife and daughter and also of my wife and children to your family.

letter b - 3 My address:

Hersh Grynfeld
ul Pocstowa n 78

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