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letter c - 1 Wysokie-Lit.
September 17, 1932 y

Dear Cousin Morris!

It is nearly a year as I didn't hear of you and you of me. I would be glad to write to you oftenly but you of course haven't enough time to spend it for writing answers. I trouble you again with my writing because I am subject again [to] your mercy.

Dear Morris, how [are] you getting along and how is your wife and daughter, how is your business? I believe the business in general are going now better under the government of the new president Roos[e]velt. I believe the situation
letter c - 2 here in Polen will soon get better a little. What for me, I am not yet in the situation of dependence. The balance of the past year shows a deficit, because the little business which I possess doesn't give me enough for a living and besides this, the sickness of my wife takes away my energy and money so that I can not help myself.

Dear Morris, if you are willing to help me now again, and if you are in state to do so, I will pray you for it. I am sure this will be the last one. As the value of the dollar is now a great deal less as been before therefore I will beg you for a
letter c - 3 sum of hundred dollars, if such wouldn't ruin you. I hope, dear Morris, that you will do for me as much as your possibility is.Withg my hearty wishes to you and your family.

I remain, yours truly,

Harry Grynfeld

The best regards to you and your wife and daughter from my wife and daughters.

We are sending you and your family our best wishes a happy New-Year.

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