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a T   Cover  
b T   Inside Cover  
c T AK Acknowledgements to family members, etc.  
1 P AK My grandfather, Mordechay (Motel) Kolner.
2 T AK In Memory of...first-my grandmother, second- my gf's sister, Haya, and third to Kolner's from Wysokie and for the whole population of the town that was murdered.  
3 P AK

My grandfather's family

4 P AK

Top: Motel in the Polish army.

Bottom: Motel is on the left.  On the right: unknown.

5 P AK

Top: Motel with his sister Haya in Israel.

Bottom:  Motel with his first wife , Henya. They never had children and she was murdered in the Holocaust.

6 P AK

Vysokoye on a regional map.  
AK: This map isn't perfect, it's the same area but I think it's not  the place marked.
7 P AK Map of Warsaw: (1):  The street where Motel lived with his first wife.  (2) is the street where he worked.  
8 T      
9 H AK A little about Motel (my gf), his family and his childhood.  
10 Y# AK

Motel's own writings about his history, mostly from the begining of the second world war and his memories from the service in the army.

[Translated by my father; see pages 42-52 for the Hebrew]

11 Y# AK  
12 Y# AK  
13 Y# AK  
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15 Y# AK  
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29 Y# AK  
30 Y# AK (material about Vysokoye)
31 Y# AK
32 Y# AK
33 Y# AK
34 Y# AK
35 Y# AK  
36 Y# AK  
37 Y# AK  
38 Y# AK  
39 Y# AK  
40 Y# AK  
41 Y# AK  
42 H AK

My grandfather describes his departure from Warsaw and his experiences up until he reached Vysokoye...

43 H AK  
44 H AK  
45 H AK  
46 H AK  
47 H AK  
48 H AK Return to Vysokoye and wartime life in Vysokoye.
49 H AK

Wartime life in Vysokoye, continued

50 H


My father told me this: Before he [Mordechay] left Wyoskie, his father  [Baruch] took him aside and told him: "I don't know if I will see you again." He did not. The Germans shot my great grandfather on the way to the synagogue to pray.

My grandfather was told by the recruiter where to go. He gathered his belongings and he and other recruits went to the train station, which was 5km away from the W-L.

They headed east by train. They crossed the Polish-Russian border into Russia. They left the train at the camp, one stop past Minsk.

51 H AK My grandfather describes his life in the army until 22 June 1941, the day the Germans invaded Russia. He had been scheduled to leave the army 26 June. The invasion changed everything.

The Russian Army retreated. His unit headed toward Moscow. On 27 June, they arrived at Borisov.

53 H AK

My family remembers my grandfather telling all of us:  He describes his experiences in the army, about fighting, and about being wounded in the chest by a shell splinter. He was hospitalized, recovered, and released in Russia. He made his way east and spent some time in Siberia. He continued being "on the road" and ended up, by 1943, in Uzbekistan. There, in the town of Gisdyban/Gizhduvan [see map on page 56] he met his future wife, Tsvia. They were married there. My father Yaacov was born in Uzbekistan 10 December 1945. The war finally ended in May, 1945. The family left Uzbekistan early in 1946. They arrived in the port city of Haifa on 14 August 1948. He describes their early life in Israel.

55 H   My uncle, Chayim, was born 15 May 1952. My grandmother died 21 February 1985, and my grandfather died on 20 January 2000, at age 90.  
56 P AK Mark on map indicates the city where my father was born while his parents were  running from the Germans.  
57 P AK

Top:  Post-war worker's papers. 

Bottom:  Temporary disability certificate from after the war.

58 P AK

Top: German work permit.

Bottom: from the right: Motel, baby Jakob, My grandmother Tsvia, her sister Hasya, her half brother Akiva and his wife Ester and another couple I don't know.

59 P AK

Top:  Jewish Agency for Palestine Certificate of Registration for Motel Kolner.

Bottom: The inner side of the certificate

60 P AK Yizkor Book Title Page  
61 P AK Yizkor Book List of Survivors  
62 P AK Death certificate (1) of my uncle who died as a baby. My father found his plot in the cemetery not long ago.  
63 P AK Death certificate (2) of my uncle who died as a baby. My father found his plot in the cemetery not long ago.  
64 P AK Newspaper articles about my grandfather, nothing important.  
65 T      
66 P AK Top:  From the right,My father, his parents, and his brother Chaym.
Bottom: My grandfather at work.
67 P AK My grandmother, Tsvia Kolner (maiden name Greczanik).  
68 P AK A map of the area where Tsvia Kolner was born. It's not the  exact place indicated, but it's very close, Bereznica, today Berezhnitsa.  
69 T      
70 T      
71 P AK My grandmother's family. For both of her parents it was second  marriage so she had a lot of half-brothers.....The two girls on the bottom are my grandmother from the left and her full sister on the right. She lives  today not far from us and she has a daughter in London and a son in Israel.  
72 P AK From the right: Motel Moses (Tsvia's cousin) Hasys, Moses (another  cousin that his son came to Israel from Russia in the early 90's), Tsvia and  Jakob.  
73 P AK The harbor from which they made their way to Israel.  
74 T + P AK

Their ship, "Pan York", at mooring

For the story of these ships, see this article in the Jewish Virtual Library.
75 T + P AK

Top:  Stern view of "Pan York", at mooring

Bottom: "Pan York" viewed at sea from SS Pan Crescent

For the story of these ships, see this article in the Jewish Virtual Library.
76 R# AK Letter to my Grandfather from the Russian-appointed mayor of Vysokoye after the war.  [Translation on Page 77 ]  
77 H AK Letter to my Grandfather from the Russian-appointed mayor of Vysokoye after the war. It says that his father was buried behind the synagogue, apparently killed by the Nazis and buried where he fell.   Also that all of the Jews were taken in 1942 to the ghetto; no one returned, and there was no word as to their fate.  
78 R#      
79 R#      
80 R#      
81 R#      
82 T      
83 T      
84 Y# AK Poem:  In memory of My Town -- Wysokie Litewskie




85 H AK
86 Y# AK
87 T AK
88 Y# AK
89 T AK
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104 T#      
105 T      
106 P AK

Top: My grandparents,

Bottom: My grandparents in their home not long before my grandmother died of cancer.

107 T#      
108 T#      
109 T      
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125 T#      
126 P AK My grandfather (middle) and his 2 sons: Jakob on his left and Chaym on his right, in 1968.  
127 T#      
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154 P   Kolner Family Tree View Page
155 P   Geczanik Family Tree (Berznica, today Berezhnitsa, Ukraine)  


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