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Return to Town
My grandfather returns to Vysokoye [starting at line 7]:

When I arrived at Wysoke, I noticed a guard at the wooden bridge. It was a man [not necessarily a Jew --AK] from Wysokie. He was wearing a red ribbon on his arm and he held a rifle. We greeted each other, then I went to see my family. We all hugged and kissed. We exchanged stories. Then we walked around town and met a lot of people I knew. I found that a City Council had been established. The Chairman was an old acquaintance of mine. He was a White Russian, a good man. He understood my situation. He gave me some money, and a job.

Then I started to know the new way of life in the town. It was a happy time, and people had jobs!!! The tailors worked in one area of town, the tinker and blacksmith in another, and so on. There were offices in town, and a bank. Local people worked in the offices as clerks. A few stores sold bread and others sold groceries. There were shortages, so you had to stand in line .

At night there was music and people used to put a white sheet at the entrance to the Beit Midrash and screen movies on it! The young people would spend time at the Potocki Palace most evenings. (Before, it had been closed, but now we could go there.) My job was working for a commissary for military families. A woman from Leningrad worked for me. After a while she was taken
[no details given --AK], and Shamal'e Kolner arrived to take her place.

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