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[Original Page 5] I returned to my studio and my drawings. I had grand plans to recreate these most horrible scenes on giant canvasses for history. Unfortunately, the lacking financial means, the forced resettlement, the lack of permanency, and many other reasons undermined my plans. Many works [21] were lost during the war. Many went to friends, among them Professor Jan ______ [22] of the Jagiellonian University [in Cracow], and Father Prelate Wroblewski of Hajnowka. Both of these men were from Kamenets Litewski, where I got acquainted with them. The rest, the largest part, is in the possession of the Jewish Historical Institute.

[Written in the town of] Nurzec
February 6, 1963

This testimony of my activity was written by me at the request of JHI for the series “The Martyrology of Jews”

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Translator's Notes:

[21] This unclear transition occurs in the original text. It seems the author did eventually create artwork based on his observations of these murders -- and possibly, of pre-war Jewish life. These are now in the collection of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.

[22] The name of the professor is omitted in the original text.

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