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My Role in the Occupation
Staring in 1939, and during the entire Nazi (Hitlerite) occupation, I lived in Wysokie Litewskie. [Original Page 2] After the beginning of the war and the attack on the Soviet Union by the Germans, I was elected by the provisional council of the magistrate as a manager of economic activities in the town. My duty was to give bread to 6000 inhabitants [6] and safeguard their personal property from looting.This was not an easy job, especially as the Germans kept involving themselves in every detail of my work.

I acted humanely and became closer to the hearts of the local populace. Even more so when I officially took a stand against the harassment of the inhabitants by the local temporary police, who were under Amtskomissariat[7] after 5 months of “interregnum”. [8]

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Translator's Notes:

[6] The original inhabitants of the town, about 3000, plus others brought in my the Germans, including Jewish residents of Kamenets Litewskie as mentioned above. Thus, living conditions in the Ghetto were very likely terribly crowded. Andrea Simon's book Bashert documents that the Germans told the residents of neighboring Volchin that they would be removed to the “more comfortable” Ghetto at Wysokie Litewskie, and this pretext was accepted, implying that the practice was commonplace. The Volchin residents were murdered on the outskirts of that town.

[7] Apparently, a German special unit with specific occupation/police duties.

[8] This may refer to the period immediately following the German invasion of the Soviet Union. There must have been some time before the German administration arrived, and –in the meantime—there was an absence of authority of about 5 months.

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