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The Ditches
After checking the ditch [20] in the evening I would lock myself up for the night and wait for the morning. In the morning, I cleared the frost on the glass window and waited with my camera. I had a very good field of observation: I could see Count Potocki's palace, from which a unit of soldiers approached. On the other side I could see the synagogue and those who were doomed to die leaving the synagogue. I had a panoramic view, and I could see all the activities on the roads leading to the ditch, which was about 20 meters [60 feet] from my position. I could not use my camera because I considered it worthless in comparison with the lost lives and the camera dropped from my hands. Only shortly afterwards I took a few pictures, when victims’ blood was steaming in the cold.

[After shooting the victims] the Germans left immediately, as if they were disgusted with their job. So, right away, I went out to the ditches. I was there when the bodies were stripped of the bloodied clothes by the assigned person. I was there when the bodies were covered up, still moving and making wheezing noises. I was trying to recognize someone, yet in vain.

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Translator's Notes:

[20] Apparently, the Germans followed their common practice of lining up their victims in front of a ditch before shooting them, so their bodies would fall directly into the ditch.

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