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Wysokie Litewskie under the Hitlerian [1] Occupation [Original Page 1]

For the Jewish Historical Institute
Al. Gen. Swierczewskiego 79

To accompany artwork depicting the martyrology [2] of the Jews of Wysokie Litewskie and Kamenets Litewski [3], and for the depictions of typical Jews by the painter Jozef Charyton, who was an eyewitness to the horrible acts.

Copy of Testimony # 6.133

Józef Charyton
ul. Kolejowa
pow. Siemiatycze

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Translator's Notes:
[1] Hitlerians is common Polish usage to describe Nazi Germans, a usage created by the communist new-speak to create a sense that the East Germany consisted of good Germans and West Germany is the descendant of the Nazis and supported by the USA.

[2] Martyrology used narrowly means a catalog and calendar of Catholic martyrs and their days. This broader usage means a description of the events of martyrdom. Most generally, this appears to be an acknowledgment of the innocence of these victims and a sense that their memory is to be honored.

[3] Apparently the Germans removed Jews from their homes in Kamenets Litewskie, about 20 miles north-east of Wysokie Litewskie, and housed in the Ghetto of Wysokie. Thus, they shared the fate of the local Jews.

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