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Attempts to Hide
Was I able to take in everything with my eyes? My eyes are very sharp, but I only had two of them. And I made the sketches several days later. [17]

At the end of February, a new horror began. Some Jews managed to hide in the shelters that had been made in basements beforehand. Unfortunately, they had to give up. Or, here and there, careless people gave them away.

The searches began. Groups up to 10 - 20 people were shot on the spot, depending on the situation. Later, they were detained in the synagogue [18] and shot by some dozens at a time right hereabouts behind the tannery. I was permitted to enter the tannery, because I was in charge of the wool-combing machine there.

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Translator's Notes:

[17] Perhaps an apology for not recording all the details, or an expression of the enormity of the horror he witnessed.

[18]Very likely, the New Shul, the ruins of which are visible in many modern photographs. However, the Old Shul was nearby, and there is some information that it had been converted into a jail by the Germans, so it is possible this was used, or possibly both.

[19] omitted

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