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A Keepsake from Ephrayim Epshtein
It was apparently a custom in 1930's for emigrating Wysokers to give an inscribed photo to their friends and relations remaining behind. This one was from Ephrayim Epshtein to Zlate and Reizl Vitshulker.

three men
A keepsake

thre men reverse
(photo reverse)
Wysokie Litewskie, 1929

Yiddish on the reverse:

מיין בילד
אנדענקונג פאר
מיינע בעסטע בעקאנטע
זלאטע און רייזל ויטשולקער
פון מיר אפרים עפשטיין
The English translation:
My photo.
A remembrance for
my best acquaintances,
Zlate and Reizl Vitshulker.
From me, Ephrayim Epshtein

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Notes: Such keepsakes from emigrating Wysokers were not uncommon. Were photographs becoming less expensive, or were the emigrating families more affluent?

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