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At the Grave of Moshe Leib Vitshulker
Presumably, close family members visiting the grave:

cemetery photo
Visiting the grave

The inscription in Hebrew:

משה יהודא בר ישראל פסח
איש זקן ונכבד שהלך
בדרך תמים מוה
משה ליב
בישראל פסח
נפ ג טבת תרפג

Translated to English:

Moshe Yehuda son of R’ Yisrael Pessakh

An old and esteemed man who walked
In a perfect way our Teacher the Rabbi.
Moshe Leib
Son of Israel Pesakh
Deceased 22 December 1922

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Editors's Note: The site is presumed to show one of two known Jewish cemeteries in Wysokie Litewskie, but this cannot be confirmed. The top line of text is placed in the dark arc at the top of the stone and is readable only on close examination. In a perfect way... These words in Hebrew echo Psalms Chapters 1 and 6. מוה, is an acronym of מורנו הרב =our teacher, the Rabbi. Moshe Lieb died on the third day in Tevet.

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