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Memento: A Theatrical Group of Young Men
Presumably the sender, Noakh Razin/Rozman, is among the those shown in the photo montage

5 theatre pics
A Memento

5 theatre pics reverse
(photo reverse)

On the reverse, a Yiddish inscription:
צום אנדיינקונג אוייף
רייזל און זלאטע
נח ראזין/ראזמ
The English translation:
To remember:
for Reizl and Zlate
[from] Noakh Razin [Rozman?]

with the location, Wysokie Lit and the date, 19 December 1931, writen in Polish. The photographer's stamp is of the familiar J. (Judel) Bonder of Wysokie Litewskie.

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Translator's Note: The signature is not clear and it is impossible to decide if the surname is Raizin or Rozman. --H.K.

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