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The Youth of Zion Group
Tzeirey Zion, a Zionist youth group:

large group with banner
The Youth of Zion group
Wysokie Litewskie, 1921

The sign in Hebrew held at center of the first row:

קורסים עברים
צעירי ציון
ויסוקה ליטובסק

The English translation:
Hebrew Courses
The Youth of Zion
Visoke Litovsk 1921

large group with banner reverse
(photo reverse)

Yiddish inscription on the reverse:

צום אנדענקונג
גיב איך מיין
בילד מיין שוועסטער (?)
מאטל ויטשולקער
וועלכע רייזט אפ
נאך אמעריקא
פון מיר
זלטה פייגה

The English translation:
To remember [me],
I give you my photo,
my brother,
Motl Vitshulker,
who is about to travel to America
from me,
Zlate Feige

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Translator's Note: Apparently by mistake, Zlate wrote in Yiddish sister instead of brother. --H.K.

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