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Group Trumpeldoria
Agricultural Group Trumpeldoria together for a meal in Wysokie, 1925:

people at table
The Group Trumpeldoria

On the photo foreground, in Hebrew:
קבוצה חקלאית "טרומפלדוריה"
לזכרון מהקבוצה שלנו

Translation to English:

Agricultural Group Trumpeldoria
In memory of our group.
30 May 1925

people at table reverse
(photo reverse)

The Yiddish text on the reverse:
צום אנדענקען פון אונזער קבוצה
ש. קסלר

English translation:

In memory of our group.
[signature] S. Kessler

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Notes: S. Kessler is Shimon Kessler, per information to be published later. The white tile visible in the background at right is typical of the standard furnace/stove found in most pre-war homes in the region. Such stoves may still be seen in old houses, today.

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