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A Scandal: Did Rabbi Binyamin Zeev pay for his position?
From the Hebrew printing house Israelit 12th year. No. 3, front page, of the Halevanon, a weekly magazine in Hebrew:

A Scandal
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press

The Page Context
The name of publication, Halevanon, appears in large modern Hebrew type at top center. To the left and right are columns set in smaller Rashi script. These contains details about the agent, about submitting articles, about submission procedures and the price of the issue.

Below the name, the text describes the publication as follows:

A weekly newspaper to inform, announce, and guide what a Jewish person needs to know as a Jew and as a member of Human Society, following the guidance of Rabbi Meir Lekhman given to Yekhiel Bri"l, son of Rabbi Yehudah Liva.

A verse from Psalms 119 [30]; "I have chosen the way of truth" [belief].

Published in Mainz, August 25th 1875 [in German and in Hebrew acronyms]
Below, the list-of-contents show what was of interest to Jewish readers of the time: Main article, History (of Britain and Turkey); letters by authors from London, Kovno and Jerusalem; Jewish news from Koenigsburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Brigehan, New York, Pest [later: Budapest], Miscellaneous news and announcements.

Fresh News from Wysokie Litewskie

The story concerning Wysokie Litewskie is introduced by the heading Fresh News:
Rabbi Mikhl Pines writes to Rabbi Yehuda Leib Moshe Ha-Levi, Head of the Rabbinical Court in Visoki Litevski and a resident of the town. He heard that the Rabbi's son – Binyamin Zeev – paid for his Rabbinical position, as this was demanded of him by the people of that community. Such practices had been banned by many Rabbis for hundreds of years. In Pines' opinion this is disgraceful even if his intention was positive. The father responds that this accusation is marring his son's character, that he will prove the innocence of his son, etc.
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Translator's Notes: Brig-Heta: this location is not clear. Maltz: The community can not be identified. Rabbi Yehuda Leib Moshe Halevi: Said also to be known by the family name Sirkin.

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