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House Fire in nearby village takes lives of Itzkovsky Family
This is a passage from Hamelitz, 25 April 1884, page 480, issue 28:

A fire near Visoki
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
From Visoky D'Lita (district. Horodno) reports Mr. Markil Varshavski that in the neighboring village Vigode close to the city, a fire broke out in the night following the first day of Passover, from the house of an old Jewish man, Mikhl Itzkovsky.

The 4 corners of the house caught the fire and the people of the house who were asleep could not help themselves to escape, except for the old house owner who jumped out through the window. His two daughters – one of whom came to celebrate the Holiday with her father and 3 grandchildren: a girl aged 15, a boy aged 10 and a two year old baby were consumed by the fire. The people of the village who saw the horrible disaster that befell the Jews, did not do a thing to save the people from the fire, and the old man who was hit by a log that fell on his head while jumping through the window could not help his family. The Holiday became a mourning. Only the bones were carried to the city.
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Translators Notes: Vigode: A village of this name cannot be located near Wysokie. ...bones were carried... Probably for the purpose of burial.

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