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A social and cultural summary view of the town
This is from Hatzfira, Issue 199, page 791, 2nd column from the right, 15.9.1902:

A social and cultural description of 1902 Wysokie Litewskie
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press

The article, clearly written by a correspondent from Wysokie, says:
Visoko D'lita: About 500 Jewish families live now in this town. Most of them are craftsmen and shopkeepers. There are also laborers who work in the leather processing factories and rolling tobacco. Their material condition is very low because of the heavy competition among the shopkeepers and also among the laborers. In spite of that, our town excels in projects of charity such as:

Linat Hatzedek, לינה"צ [A charity organization to care for the impoverished sick. See for example, this description of this organization in Kieltze. ]

Gmilut Khasadim,גמ"ח, [offering loans with no interest, for various needs, e.g. doweries for girls of poor families.]

Hakhnoses-O'rkhim,הכנס"א , [Shelter for poor wanderers –bed and food for free. See this description of this specific charitable endeavor in Horodets.]

In particular we should be proud of the גמ"ח that has in its account already 1000 rubles cash and is meant to lend money to small merchants up to 50 rubles with the guarantee of two people.

However, the situation with Education is very bad. There is no school or an upgraded kheyder, there is no demand to learn our language, and no Zionist society that would imitate what the Zionists are doing in all the Jewish communities to open schools and lift up the moral condition of the youth.

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Translators Notes: Visoko D'lita: A variant of Wysokie Litewskie. our language: probably Hebrew, because this publication is in Hebrew. It can be assumed that Jews were literate in Yiddish.

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