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Matriculation of the Gaon Rabbi Khayim Shlomo Vishnegrad
In Hatzfira, Issue 164, page 659, middle column, August 1901, a report from Klimov, district Tzernigov:

Gaon Rabbi Vishnegrad Matriculates
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
The Gaon Rabbi Khayim Shlomo Vishnegrad, born in Visoki D'Lita and resides now in Klimov, stood for an examination before the authorities of the Gimnazium in the district of Tzernigov. He excelled in his knowledge of the language of the country and all the general subjects and will get a matriculation certificate with the highest grades and this will enable him to take on the position of Rabbi, confirmed by the government, in all towns of the kingdom.

It is a rare occurrence in our days to see a young man (28 years old) holding more than 19 certificates from the Gaons of the generation testifying to his mastery and keenness in religious studies, has decided to get general education to merit the title "Rabbi and Scholar". This happy event stirred me to write about his biography. Since his childhood Khayim became famous as the genius of Visoki. He dedicated his days and nights as a youth to Torah and while still very young the Gaons – Scholars of Torah– certified in writing the depth of his proficiency in all Torah studies. The most distinguished certification was by the Gaon Khayim Khizkiyahu Mdini from Krim. After he had filled his hunger for Torah studies he had the idea that he should unite the light of Torah with the good of elightment.

He has been studying general subjects for the last two years and now our great leaders in the capital-city, recommended him to the generous honored Baron Naphtaly Hirtz Ginzburg and Rabbi Leib Poliakov of Moscow to offer him a grant for his studies to achieve his goal. We hope that Rabbi Khayim Shlomo Vishnegrad will be an example to all the young Rabbis to be guardians of both Torah and wisdom.

Signed: S. Konin
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Translator's Notes: Klimov: Apparently, a Russian town, near Moscow. Gaon: genius, a very learned Jewish scholar; see here. Gimnazium: high school. Naphtaly Hirtz: these are deduced from acronyms in the article; the family name, Ginzburg, is given fully.

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