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Massive Fire in the Town: A Disaster (2)
This passage is from the Hatzfira June 17th 1889, issue 122, page 502, right column:

A Disastrous Fire
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
Visoko Litovsk (p' Grodno). On May 11th 10 o'clock in the morning a fire broke out from one of the houses and for 2 hours, 130 houses were burnt down and only 7 of them were insured. About 300 families were left with nothing and their condition is horrible. Now the eyes of these miserable people are lifted towards their merciful brothers to hurry and help them in their misery.

[signed] Asher Yona Dirdak, who shares the misery of the people of his shtetl.
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Translator's Notes: P' [פ'=פלך] Grodno [district/region of Grodno]

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