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The Murder of Y. Rabinowitz by Y. Meller (3)
This is a passage from Hamelitz, 23 November 1888, Issue 246, page 2489 - 2490:

Accused murderer brought to trial
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
From Brisk D'lita.

Nekhemya Razes reports from Brisk about the continuation of the story of the murder of Yaakov Rabinovitsh by Yaakov Meller. The reporter reminds the reader that the story appeared in Hamelitz No. 251 of 1887 and gives a factual description of the event in the most beautiful Hebrew.

The trial of the accused is taking place in the County's court house at Brisk on 31 October:. “The court house was packed with people – all awaiting the verdict of trial. However when the judges saw that the accused was sick and could not stand on his feet, even not to justify himself before the court, they postponed the trial to another date. Some weeks prior to the trial, the advocates --who were reluctant to defend him-- warned him of a dark day for him and that he was doomed. So he started starving himself to a horrible death of hunger – did not eat bread and did not drink water until he became very weak and very pale. However, on the day of the trial he drank wine twice. The reason for the murder has not been disclosed until now. Some say that he deluded himself to believe that his benefactor owned a great deal of money. However he was disillusioned since he found only 200 rubles in the murdered man's possession.”
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Translators Notes: in the County's court house at Brisk: In 1888, Wysokie Litewskie was in the district of Grodno, and largely administered from the city of that name. Since a Jewish court existed at the time in Wysokie, it seems that this case was tried in a Russian criminal court and tells us that not all government functions were at the time performed in Grodno.

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