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Rabbi Shifrel's sermon supporting the Odessa Committee
This is one in a series of reports from various places about the activities of Khovevey Zion, about the town Visoko D' Lita in Hatzfira 10.5.99, issue 95, page 449, left column:

Supporting the Odessa Committee
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
In the town Visoko D'Lita many of the community were mobilized by the sermons of the preacher RM"M [acronyms of R' and two first names M.M.?] – Shifrel – and they volunteered to support the fund of the Odessa Committee.

Dr. B. Feinshtein heads the of Khovevey Zion organization over there. He was chosen to manage all the affairs of the organization by the members in a meeting that took place in the home of the gevir [acronyms of R' Y.M probably again first names?] Vaiscovsky.
Note that Dr. B. Feinshtein is also mentioned in this article.

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Translator's notes: Shifrel: probably a family name. Odessa Committee: Perhaps, The Society for the Support of Jewish Farmers and Artisans in Syria and Palestine, a pre-Zionist organization in the Russian Empire. More here. Khovevey Zion: Probably, Khovevei Zion, Lovers of Zion, an Eastern European Zionist organization. More here. gevir: important, wealthy man.

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