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Massive Fire in the Town: A Disaster (1)
In the newspaper, Hamelitz, 2.6.1889, issue 111, front page, left column:

An Appeal for Help
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
Chayim Shlomo Vishnigrad reports from Visoki Liotvsk (district Horodna) about a new fire in the shtetl, when they have not yet recovered from the one that broke last year.

Last week, the fire started in the house of a baker and spread all around. Within 2 hours and a half, 140 big good houses and their contents were consumed. After much effort we succeeded with the machines that quench fire to stop a bit of the fire and save very little from very much.

The damage amounts to hundred thousand rubles and while the houses that were insured amounted to only 5000 rubles. 400 families who have made a good living until now, are now without any means because the little they saved out of their houses was consumed in the streets. Many of the miserable people spread in cattle sheds, streets and markets without cover from rain and heat, since more is broken than left intact. Many thanks to the neighboring towns: Brisk, Byelsk, Bialistok, Kamenets, Semyatitz, Kleshtzel, Bodki, Volchin, Milytzitz, for having hurried to send us some carriages full of food and articles for the poor survivors of the fire, because if not for this help these people would have died of hunger. The eyes of the miserable people are raised now to their brothers who have pity on them, who are blessed by God with riches and property, to help them, and we hope that those bothers will not ignore our calamity.

Shimson Pinkhas Hakohen, who lives in this community, and
Avraham Tzvi Hirsh, son of Yaakov Shaul D'Tz

Add their signature to Testify and confirm that the request is truthful and ask those with merciful heart to hurry and help, using the address below.
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Translator's Notes: D'Tz: acronym for Dayan Tzedek: Religious judge in matters between people.

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