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Rabbi Mordekhai Aharon Rabinovitz Chosen for New Post
In Hamelitz of 12.5.98 No.120:

Greetings to Rabbi Aharon Rabinovitz
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press

This is a greeting, using many acronyms, the way they used to write in the religious groups in those days:
We greet our honored friend, our teacher and Rabbi the Gaon, head of the Diaspora, Mordekhai Aharon Rabinovitz from Visoki D'Lita, for having been chosen to be Rabbi in Melitopol (district Mavri) and wish him great success. On this occasion each one of us contributed the sum of 18 for the settlement of the land of Eretz Israel. Yitzkhak Leibush, son of Eliyahu Moshe Levine Yaakov Moshe, son of R' A.L. Rubinshtein, and Shlomo Naftali Hertz [if I interpret the acronym of the name SN"H correctly] Rabinovitz.
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Notes: Melitopol: probably a town in southeast Ukraine.

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