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Mazel Tov on Yitzkovsky -- Viskovsky Bethrothal
This is a congratulation post/card in Hatzfira 19.1.1927, issue 16, front page, left column, under the heading News from Lodz (by telephone):

Mazel Tov!
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
Hearty Mazel Tov!

Congratulations to our friend Meir Viskovsky on the occasion of his betrothal to member Freidl Yitzkovsky. May you have a steadfast bond and we will live to see you among the warriors of our national revival.

The Committee and Branch of Tarbut

Visoke D'lita
Shvat, 1927
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Translator's notes: Tarbut: a secular, Hebrew-language school, one of a widespread network in the region. More here. Shvat: January.

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