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Mazel Tov on Voyskovsksk -- Gelibter Wedding
This is a greeting card in Hatzfira 23.8.1912, issue 181, front page, bottom of third column:.

Mazel Tov!
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
For the wedding of the fine couple, Mr. Tzvi Khayim Gelibter with the maiden, Khana Voyskovskska, that will take place today in Visoki D'Lita, we congratulate you,wishing you Mazel Tov and blessing you: Our eyes will watch you when you return to Zion. To commemorate, we plant one tree in the Herzl Forest.

Leizer Helfan and his wife Hinda

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Translator's notes: Herzl Forest: A commemoration in Eretz Israel of the father of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl. This may refer to an olive grove planted at Ben Shemen four years earlier in 1908, or a larger one established the same year as the publication, at Hulda, according to this website. Trees were planted in the Land of Israel to commemorate events and as a token of appreciation for one's deeds, work, volunteer work, etc. and the custom exists today as well.

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