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The Murder of Y. Rabinowitz by Y. Meller (1)
From the daily newspaper Hayom -- Hebrew: Today:

The Hayom Masthead on the day of the article
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press

This is the masthead of issue No. 246. The Russian text says: 20 November (2 December), 1887, signifying two different calendar systems in active use, Gregorian and Julian. In Hebrew, to the right: Friday, 17 Kislev 5648, i.e., Friday, 2 December 1887.

news article news article
The complete article, in two columns: A literary account of the murder in Wysokie-Litewskie.
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press

Here is a summary of the article: The story is datelined Brisk D'Lita, November 16th. It appears under the heading, letters written by authors.

The author writes about the murder that took place in Visoki and reported on the 8.12.87 in Hamelitz. (See that article, here.) Compared to that straightforward account, the story here is told colorfully, with some literary freedom, at length, and includes some “juicy” details.

Combining the details in both, it is clear that the victim's name was Yaakov Rabinovitz. As to the name of the perpetrator, in this account the name is given as “Yaakov M.” while Hamelitz reports “Y. Meller” . So we know the perpetrator's full name was Yaakov Meller. [This is me playing the detective --Translator.]

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Notes: день: (In the masthead): The Russian word meaning day. The author gives the name of a neighbor of the victim: Doctor Feinshtein.

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