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Obituary of R' Natan Greenvald
This is a passage from Hatzfira, October 10, 1897, issue 218, left column, titled Alon Bakhuth:

By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
On Monday, 9th of the Hebrew month Elul, the old noble and famous R' Natan son of Yoel of the Greenvald family, known as Natke Trestenitzer, died at the age of 63.

Eternal memorial should be erected for him as he was distinguished by high qualities and generosity dealt in business honestly, gave of his wealth generously to the poor and supported the weak. In addition to his being very generous, he was also a wonderful speaker. On Holidays and Sabbath, people of his acquaintance and worshipers gathered around him to listen with thirst to his sermons. He rebuked harshly those who rebelled against the light and his words slashed at vile hypocrites. Belief and wisdom met in him, religion and knowledge combined in him. He left sons and daughters all scholars and righteous. May God bless his memory, comfort all of us.

Writing with a mourning soul.

Peretz Boshatzki
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Translators Notes: Alon Bakhuth: Oak of Mourning, from the Bible, Genesis 35:8: the oak under which Dvora, the wet-nurse of Rivka was buried by Yaakov. This heading is customary in the early Hebrew newspapers for obituaries and announcement of deaths. In the article, the acronym במ"ע לבנ"י means among the deceased Jews.

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