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Russian Dignitaries and Royalty Visit Visoki D'Lita
These passages are from the "Telegram" section of the Newspaper Hatzfira, issue 121 (13th year) August 27th (September 8th) 1886:

The Hatzfira Masthead
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press

In the center, at top, in large type is the name of the publication, Hatzfira, in Hebrew, and below in English. The narrow columns of smaller type at left and right contain information about the cost of the paper in various places, and directions on how to contribute news and articles. The publication is subtitled and dated:

A Political, Scientific and Literary Magazine
Issued Daily
Warsaw Friday 10th of September 1886

The first passage is from Peterburg [St. Petersburg], August 27 (September 8):

A visit of Minister Gayers to Visoki
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
Minister Gayers with the official of the Foreign Affairs Ministry will travel from here tomorrow afternoon and will arrive in the morning of the day after tomorrow in Visoki which is in Lita.
The second passage:

Royalty Visits
By permission of the Historical Jewish Press
Yesterday 6 o'clock in the evening our master's family, His Honor the Emperor, in the company of the elder princes, came to the train terminal of the railroad near Visoki D'Lita. There, they met with the great princes Nikolay and Mikhail Nikolayevitsh and with the prince Nikolay Nikolayevitsh Junior and with prince Alexander Pietrovitsh of the Aldenbourgs and with the general gov' [probably: Governor-General] Hurka, minister of the Warsaw District; and Makhanau, Minister of Vilna District, and other great and honored ministers.

In the courtyard of the terminal, the representatives of the farmers communities from the villages around Visoki were presented before the master's family and they served bread and salt to the family. The courtyard was decorated with flowers and beautiful flags. The royal family rode in a horse-drawn wagon [carriage] to Visoki to the Lady Pototzky's house to lodge there.
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Translator's Notes: Lita: Lithuania, the former region, to be distinguished from the modern country. bread and salt: until recently, a very Jewish custom when one enters a new house -- to bring in bread and salt. Lady Pototzky: refers to the estate (or palace) of the Polish aristocratic family, the Patockis. The main building in which they probably stayed still exists, but is in very poor repair.

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